Most of the time we just get on with whatever hand we’ve been dealt in life.  Occasionally, and often when we’re least expecting it, someone or something comes along that knocks us off our feet.  We may feel overwhelmed and exhausted with depression or anxiety, unhappy and uncertain about relationship issues, experience emotional difficulties or upheaval, and struggle to make some sense of the chaos.

The most common reasons people search for a counsellor are anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or work or family difficulties. Whether it’s to help you through a crisis, to understand and change unhelpful patterns of thoughts or behaviour, or explore any personal issues that you feel may restrict your development or constrain your ability to experience a more balanced life, counselling can be beneficial to all kinds of people.

Sharon Kataya Counselling offers the opportunity to talk in private about the issues affecting you. It provides a safe place for you to explore what has happened.  In a supportive and non-judgemental relationship, you’ll be able to find ways of managing those issues, learn how to cope with intense emotions and complex situations, to communicate effectively, improve relationships, and develop a better way of living.